Local Impact

Our desire is to add value to everyone we encounter in the course of our business.

In 2016, as the owners of Kampus Properties we gave away 28% of pre-taxed net profits towards some great causes. Though we desire to be generous towards our employees, we see no need to consume or save the remaining profits when we can contribute now and encourage others to be generous.

Of what was donated to various non-profits, $34,900 went to the Lexington Leadership Foundation. LLF helps many children and families in Lexington through Urban Impact, Amachi, Fayette County Fatherhood, City for the Nations, etc. Please click the link below to find out more about LLF and possible volunteer opportunities.

Another $10,600 was donated to Lane of Roses. Lane of Roses uses social media and stories to connect young women to their faith and to each other. Just before we purchased several apartments one of the residents had taken his life. We decided we didn't want any of our residents to feel disconnected and though the website is geared towards women, we hope everyone checks it out. We've also placed a few other links below to help you connect with others.

Christian Student Fellowship at Univ. of Ketucky

Need Him Global